Sunday, April 13, 2014

- Nintendo forgetting their roots of the "Super Mario Bros." series?

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Update: Nintendo Clarified their mistake 26 mins after and the re-edited version states it was the "Warp Whistle". However Warp Whistle and Zone are not alike which is still a slip up especially for the core games. Who ever posted it mustn't be doing just that, posting it.

Nintendo has blundered in sales, created flops in their past, and even pickpocketed monetized profits from YouTube channels but now they seem to be forgetting their roots. On Twitter today Nintendo of America tried to post a nostalgic fact about Super Mario Bros. and all seemed fine until you read it. Nintendo stated that Warp Zone was first introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3 when the most notable Warp Zone is the one in World 1-2 at the end. Pretty much everyone from the 90s has made that a fact by now in every kids-grandparents brain. However Nintendo is slipping up from all directions lately, someone might be out of a job for this, as this is a slip up to their most profiting franchise.

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