Wednesday, May 7, 2014

- Analogue NT, the worst Nostalgic NES ever created (AKA RIP OFF)

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Lately we always see new consoles but here comes a rather interesting idea, wouldn't we love to see an old console be revitalized. Analog NT does just that and redesigns the original concept of the NES; but let us explain why this one Retro Gaming System you should Pass on.

For years NES has brought more than just entertainment for everybody, it introduced many children to a new world and experience with amazing heroes, failures and stories. To anyone a redesign of this console would be pretty much the most amazing thing ever created but let me tell you why this isn't the one that you would be looking for. 

Pretty much the main issue with this console is that it's literally just a NES in an aluminum body. The console doesn't include controllers or neither does it have any preloaded games. The highlight point is that it upscales to 720p or 1080p but honestly the blur in the game looks better than a giant pixelated screen. It includes OEM parts supposedly for the console which I highly doubt, but it's what they state. So what's wrong with it? Well it exchanges anything that brought Nostalgia to the original NES and personally it's like a plastic surgery; Full of Lies and down right disgusting.

I'm not here to just hate, but for that the cost ($500) they are pricing this you might as well as buy a Xi3 and download ROMs or a NES cartridge adapter. Either way you will be able to do more than just play NES and Favicom games. Finally let me tell you the honest opinion we have overall of this product, It's pretty much taking advantage of peoples Nostalgia, plus whoever would pay such a high price of $500 (Pretty much same as an iPad including the out aluminum shell. An iPads specs are also hundreds times better) is pretty much out of their mind. Why not just buy a  NES and refurbish it yourself? It will have more Nostalgia than this paper weight. Overall the cost for the production doesn't necessarily add up....

Link to paper weight console: http://www.analogueinteractive.com/
(Their controllers should get more praise, they are officially Refurbished with the original OEM parts)

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