Tuesday, May 13, 2014

- Microsoft says Good Bye to Xbox Live Gold paywalls

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As the console war races on PlayStation clearly has an advantage over Microsoft but now Microsoft is providing a console that does not come with Kinect and also will be lowering the Xbox One's price due to that reason. But that's not all Microsoft announced that they will no longer be tying in most apps to their gold membership. Previously apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and even Internet Explorer used to require Xbox Live Gold to be able to use it online but now Xbox One offers these services without the requirement of Xbox live Gold

Although sure this is a nice thing that Microsoft is doing; it still doesn't immediately entail that customers are going to be rushing to buy Xbox one. Many of the issues that people are not aware of over the Xbox one is that it wasn't related to apps not being able to be used because of Xbox gold although changing this was significant. Probably the most beneficial thing they did was removing Kinect because it has clearly shown that the market doesn't want Kinect at least when it comes to raising an extra hundred dollars to the console.

Other sites like IGN say that Microsofts losing the battle especially the one with in the consoles and towards Apple, and that being more like their competitors will benefit. On the contrary what we believe is that Microsoft needs to do via console wise is that they need to provide more games for the Xbox one. As of now it does not show a reason for purchasing it; it lacks games and pretty much makes Xbox 360 or any other console look better and this also goes for the PlayStation 4. Sure great graphics are important but that's not everything, they still haven't proved why we should invest $400 on a console that has no games.

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