Sunday, May 4, 2014

- Deep Look into Nintendo's Mario Kart 8, could this be Nintendo's next big hit?

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As Mario kart 8's tracks go live we learn more about what Nintendo is actually trying to do now.

Nintendo has recently been trying to promote their latest game by discussing and showing the tracks from Mario kart 8. Since they're not planning to do any big announcements during E3 this year they're trying to reach their audience in a different way. One of these ways is that they're promoting both Mario kart 8 as previously stated and they're trying to promote Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS. Along with showing the roster of characters that will be included in the new Super Smash Bros, they're also showing the new Mario Kart 8 tracks and songs that will accompany them. They not only claimed but showed and proved that most of the songs (if not all) were recorded live.

In most cases Games simply show what the game is about but Nintendo's trying to show every angle of one of their top games in order to encourage customers to buy it. This is where Nintendo can probably shine the best because as of late they haven't been bring in good sales, so perhaps now they can prove to their shareholders that even their top games can still bring in some good revenue.

Now let's talk about Mario Kart 8, Mario kart 8 so far looks extremely well polished at any angle and the way the stages are designed and how they look clearly show that this is the next iteration of the Mario kart series. During Nintendo Direct they showed many of the tracks and many of them have very high textures and also have many 3-D objects running all at the same time aside from just the racers. Mario kart 8 is definitely showing the power that Wii U has over the original Nintendo Wii. They also have to sort of make up for it because the Nintendo Wii U isn't backwards compatible with the GameCube anymore.

Nonetheless Nintendo can hopefully still prove that their games can be AAA quality to date like they were in the past. It also seems that whether it's in the music, in the design, or in Game Concepts; Nintendo can still put well polished games out there standing aside next to games like Halo and Call of Duty which don't bring family-friendly entertainment.

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