Saturday, February 8, 2014

- Flappy Bird, As fast as it became popular its going down

One of the most crazed games in both App Stores is going down as fast as its popularity rose. Flappy Bird is one of the most simple games to come out to date and demonstrates that video games always circle back to Game Design. Although the game is successfully pleasing all fans around the world the developer of this game has announced some disappointing news via Twitter.

Don Nguyen, creator of the mega-hit Flappy Bird has announced that he plans to remove the game for personal reasons. He later states that he hasn't gotten in legal problems with Nintendo for using the classic warp pipe in his game but rather he can't take it anymore. According to him the success of the game had ruined his simple life and he simply hates that and whats to remove the game for that exact reason. Despite what he said it has been reported that the game is making around $50,000 a day in ad revenue so it clearly has changed his life in some way.

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