Sunday, February 9, 2014

- PS4 vs. Xbox One, a battle of frame rates

Could be the lack of games or just the demand in the gaming industry but the argument about the ability of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gets more heated each and every time it comes up. What argument you ask? Well the argument about rendering of games on each console, it's clearly obvious when you look at the specs that the PlayStation 4 has the upper-hand by a bit when it comes to the power that it has but do specs make the device?

After looking at first-party games it can seems bias to judge and compare those against other first-party games because they have different code, different designers and basically are just different games period. This is why many are taking a close eye on the third-party games coming out such as Assassin's Creed IV, Call of Duty: Ghosts and the one that heats up the conversation Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Analysts have inspected these games deeply side by side and they are pointing to Sony's machine as more capable when it comes to both resolution and frame rate.

Microsoft has come out and said that "these little things get way overblown" but is that true? Xbox director of product planning Albert Penello was brought to question.

Albert Penello was recently asked about the performance of Tomb Raider on the Gamertagradio podcast. "There's a frame rate thing going with Tomb Raider, there is a resolution thing going on, and there's a lot of reasons why that could be true but we are weeks in, we just shipped, it's a long generation".

This is fairly true, not all games require the maximum potential of the video card but even if they did we all know that power doesn't set a game system in this industry. Looking back to the Dreamcast, it had the best specs in the industry and was able to play online, play on the go and more, but at the end the system was a flop. Why did it flop because the library of games? Well there are many factors that could have led to the issue but one thing was for sure and that is that it was a powerhouse at the time of its release and that didn't save it from bringing down Sega out of the console making business.

Our final thoughts ( it's our opinion, live with it)

Personally I think it's a downside for the Xbox One, not now but in the long run as the console ages it will seem quite obvious which one is falling behind. However a game can look nice a beautiful but it will always circles back to if it's fun and how the consumer takes it in. We wish both consoles the best but we always know the master race is PC and if you are worried about quality then get a PC where the games improve but the system is what you make of it.

Lino Cordova, Gamer Plus

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