Wednesday, February 12, 2014

- Titanfall on Xbox One doesn't run at 1080p & beta date

Respawn Entertainment community manager Abbie Heppe said on the Titanfall Blog that Titanfall currently runs at 792p and will be running around native 900p at launch next month. What does this essentially mean?

Well for one this isn't as bad as it sounds, many games run in non-standard resolution and then are upscaled to more common benchmarks like 720p or 1080p. However, what does this truly mean is that Titanfall is most likely going to run better and look better on PC, usually that's no surprise but it is this time and this is why.

Titanfall is Xbox One's first Triple-A launch title and the success of this game can be the key success to more sales and potentially out beating the Sony PlayStation 4. However an upscale is a small blow to them, but now its all up to the frame rate and it still is yet to be known if Titanfall is locked on 60 fps. Aside from that, the main point of gaming consoles is to get the best experience in gaming and the PlayStation 4 grasped this good by being amazing at running games to match top end graphics cards on PCs. However if Titanfall looks and plays better on PC? Than why would someone invest on a console that will inevitably lose value in time and isn't upgradable.

The beta for Titanfall launches this Friday for Xbox One and PC, the pressure is on Microsoft.

Lino Cordova, Gamer Plus

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