Friday, February 21, 2014

- TitanFall Beta comes to an end

TitanFall a game that everyone has anticipated beyond any other game coming out this year, but on Wednesday the Beta was taken down after a experimental patch was applied. Many users like myself, have experienced in depth what the game will be offering multiplayer wise. Expect a review video on that coming fairly soon.

Some key things I'd like to talk about though is about TitanFall's , problems.
- Weapons are not as well balanced as they could be
Because the game is fast paced and using a sniper needs some heavy training due to the player ability to move so freely by jumping and running down walls. A plus for the player but a dink for snipers who will have to get more fast and precise at aiming. Weapons like the shotgun or smart pistol are the smart choices in the game, the shot can get some amazing range currently and 2 shots at a distance can do the trick while the smart pistol auto-lock, then simply aim within the sight of the lock on and hold the trigger to fire loads of bullets to finish off your enemy.
- 2 vs 1 Titan usually is an obvious outcome
While the maps are pretty large, one Titan vs  two Titans doesn't give you many options and running is an inevitable fate of death so you are left with nothing but to fight til the death of your Titan. While it sucks I wouldn't mind if the feature stayed although it bugs me sometimes for how unfair it is but guess what that's life!
- Lack of customization
The weapons being limited is understandable since that it will change on the games full release but the thought that the customization on those weapons which were available being the only ones frightens me. A way to picture customization is the way Call of Duty does it, which is fairly limited but if the weapons are are different enough plus adding on the Titan customization it may be able to add a bit more flavor than games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.
- Card System
Probably one of the most unique ideas in this game, aside from the Titans of course. The way the cards work are that you can carry 3 cards per game and you can use them whenever you like but once you die that one time and you respawn you lose it. Now that's one of the issues I have with it, some of the cards are not easy to come by like at all, therefore losing without being able to use it happens and it just plain old sucks. Picture as a players point of view, you got the card that you wanted which gave you a stronger gun momentarily and then you spawn and you get shot after running a bit, well its gone... I think that the way they need to work is that they last for certain amount of time and then it expires within the match rather than one time use. Some might think that the match will flood with card filled players using strong guns always but better cards can have smaller timers because nothing sucks more than getting something and losing it before you got to use it.

But finally all issues aside, these are just blemishes on what is to be one exciting game, everything feels well thought through and put together. The Parkouring in the game works amazingly well and can be mastered simply by just playing the game and the Titans feel as they are an extension of your body by allowing players to keep similar moving patterns that they had while being outside of Titan on foot.

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Lino Cordova, Gamer Plus

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