Monday, February 24, 2014

- Microsoft announced Titanfall bundle

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Microsoft announced their newest bundle which technically should be a price cut. The bundle they announced was the long awaited Titanfall bundle, which comes with the console and a free download of the game.  The news first came up on in Australia where a news site let an embargo slip*, then it slowly started being confirmed in countries like UK and the US.  

The bundle will be sold for $500 which is basically a steal for any customer since they save money on buying the game. Although Sony offers a similar deal with Infamous: Second Son package, it is still very obvious that the game doesn't have the same hype as Titanfall. At the end this proves that Titanfall is shaping up to be the first true system seller.

Some downsides to this bundle is that you don't get the beautifully put together Titanfall Controller.

Sources: Stevivor , Forbes

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