Saturday, February 8, 2014

- Sonic Boom, Sonic Reboot in a sense?

Just recently Sega Announced a new Sonic game which was described as "a new branch of the Sonic Universe", a new CG-animated TV series to follow the game and a new range of toys. Sonic Boom (name of the new sonic game) is set to launch this year for the Wii U and the 3DS

Not only is this a new game in the series but almost seems as a fresh start for well known characters as Sega gives them a new makeover. Sonic is slightly taller by having long legs and has a little brown scarf he wears around his neck, Amy is still Amy and mainly got a wardrobe change, Tails has some kind of light steam punk/tech thing going and the best for last Knuckles. Knuckles clearly has been either hitting the gym or getting the juice cause he's become one hunky fellow, but in all honesty Knuckles clearly got obvious character makeover.

Sonic Boom is the third and final game to be released exclusively on Nintendo platforms, after the two companies signed a deal last year to release three Sonic exclusives on Nintendo systems. Sega stated the game will feature traditional Sonic elements such as Speed, Exploration, Combat and a Tethering mechanic. The Wii U trailer hinted at the game heavily focusing on 4 player cooperative play which interest me on what the Wii U tablet player will be doing. While the 3DS version will not be a straight port from the Wii U (how nintendo-like) but will be fairly similar to Sonic Adventure in the way that it will feature the main hub and missions branching off of that.

Final Thoughts of ours. (It's our opinion)

We personally believe that its not a bad change, while it is a very different change. While Knuckles change is quite different it sort of suits his personality better. One thing for sure is that Knuckles stands out a lot but overall his change isn't bad. The majority of the characters look basically the same and just got a refresh rather than a makeover, think of it like Mario in Super Smash Bros. Melee compared to Mario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Everything aside, we look forward to playing the game but if it doesn't sit well after completion it might be best to bring back the traditional knuckles design in different "Universe" game that comes next.

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